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Gain Followers with Instagram Stories — 7 Tips to Adapt

Candice Olinger
Candice Olinger
July 26, 2022, 7:19 a.m.
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It's no secret that when Instagram launched Stories in 2016, it did so to compete with Snapchat's growing popularity. Since IG stories were born, they have become a central part of the Instagram app.

Every day, more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Insta stories and Instagram users share more than a billion stories every day.

Instagrammers who have adapted to using Instagram Stories are giving users another way to spread content and a way to connect.

But you may be wondering if Instagram stories will help you gain followers?

The simple answer is yes. With an effective Instagram story strategy, you can boost your game and improve your business and social media marketing.

Learn why and how using Instagram Stories to get more followers can be a great way to boost your profile on the social media platform. But keep in mind that if you have verified your Instagram account then it will make it easier for you to get more followers.

Keep on reading to learn why you should use this feature and our top seven tips on how to use Instagram stories to get more followers.

Why Instagram Stories boost your profile

Stories provide a brief insight into people's lives and behind the brands they love and cherish. Moreover, since they are only available for a short time, consuming the content will be more urgent.

Stories can be used to build brand awareness and sell your products. If your Instagram story idea is compelling enough, people will follow you, so they can see more of your content.

They also pay after you engage them as followers.

In a survey, Instagram found that 58% of users became more interested in a product or brand after seeing that product or brand in a story. And according to Instagram's algorithm, the more users engage with your stories, the higher you will rank in their Instagram feed.

So as you learn how to use stories to gain more followers on Instagram, remember how valuable they are to your followers and small business.

Use Instagram stories to get more followers:

  • Create engaging content

  • Use highlights

  • Take over organization

  • Tag your posts

  • Use stickers and other features

  • Use Instagram Analytics

  • Increase Your Numbers

1. Create engaging content

When posting to stories, make sure you share engaging content that people want. If you don't want to see your stories, neither do your Instagram followers.

There are countless possibilities for creative Instagram story ideas such as:

  • Exclusive Content

  • Preview

  • Gifts

  • New Product Launch

  • Educational Content

  • Story Series

  • Reviews of a product

  • Your thoughts on a trending topic

2. Using Highlights

As you learn how to use Instagram Stories to gain more followers, don't miss the Instagram highlights section of your profile. These featured stories are pinned to your page and give people a chance to see specific content more than 24 hours.

And if a new user visits your page and likes the highlights you've posted, they're more likely to follow you.

3. Takeover hosting

Influencer marketing is an effective and fun way to promote your social media channels. It introduces the influencer's followers to your page and gives your audience a new perspective.

Plus, it allows you to see your profile through the eyes of others. And it can give you more Instagram story ideas for the future.

4. Tag your post

If you mention a person, brand or place in your Instagram post, be sure to tag it.

When you tag someone, they have the option to add that person to their story, which can expose you to a new audience. Using location markers, like tags, allows you to connect with people in that location.

And don't forget relevant hashtags, including place, product, and branded hashtags.

5. Using stickers and other features

Learning to use Instagram stories involves understanding all of its features. There are tons of options to choose from, from GIFs and super zoom to emojis and the ability to swipe up to see more content. Just look at the Instagram story stickers including:

  • Quiz Stickers

  • Countdown Stickers

  • Question Stickers

  • Poll Stickers

  • Location Stickers

  • Chat Stickers

Play around and have fun with it!

Try an Instagram story poll or quiz stickers to give users something to click on. Use these features to create interactive stories that encourage users to engage with your account.

6. Using Instagram Analytics

As you learn how to use Instagram Stories to gain more followers, see analytics to guide your strategy.

You can see your target audience's engagement rate. This helps you identify your best Instagram story ideas. It can also tell you whether you should create a story template or expand a popular article to turn it into a regular series.

You can look at the numbers from other posts like Instagram Live Video or Instagram TV (IGTV) and see if they need to be incorporated more into your stories.

Ask yourself questions like "Do short videos perform better than photos?" or "When do viewers see the most?" Use your answers and measurements to help you make an informed decision.

7. Improve Your Numbers

If you have more likes and followers, people will be more impressed with your profile. And it encourages more people to follow you. Simple as that.

As you improve your Instagram stories, you'll start to see these numbers increase. But if you're still asking, "Can you get followers from Instagram stories?" Because your strategies take time to produce results, you may need a helping hand.

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Wrap-up: 7 Tips on How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers

Now that you understand how to use Instagram Stories to get more followers, you can bookmark them as part of your device. These tips will definitely help with your Instagram marketing strategy. With the right Instagram story ideas, you can attract users and increase the number of followers.

As you build your follower acquisition strategy using Instagram stories, you can use to bridge the gap and boost your Instagram more efficiently.

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