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How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Edward Powe
Edward Powe
July 3, 2022, 9:16 p.m.
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If you are looking to grow your Instagram account, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain the different methods you can use to get more followers on Instagram.

We'll cover everything from creating great captions to collaborating with influencers.

So, if you're new to Instagram or have been using the platform for a long time, you need to find a new strategy that will teach you how to get more followers on Instagram.

What are Instagram followers?

Instagram followers are people who choose to follow your account. They can see your Instagram posts in the feed and interact with them through likes, comments, or shares.

Why are Instagram followers important?

There are several reasons why you might want to increase your Instagram followers.

The point is, the more followers you have, the more people can see your content. If you're looking to build a brand or business on Instagram, you want as many people as possible to notice your content.

More followers are also a great social proof. If someone notices that you have many followers, they are more likely to follow you. If many people choose to follow you, they will think that you regularly post interesting and valuable content.

Ultimately, more followers mean more marketing opportunities. If you have a lot of followers, brands can contact you for collaboration or sponsored Instagram posts.

How to get more Instagram followers with your content

To get more followers on Instagram, there are a few things you need to know about your Instagram content.

Optimize your Instagram profile wisely

Content starts from your Instagram profile. Your Instagram biography is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Your bio should also be clear, concise, and attractive.

Include a brief description of who you are and what you do in your Instagram bio. Use keywords that describe your job or hobby.

For example, if you run a travel blog, you can use the keywords "travel" and "blogger". This will help people who are interested in this topic to find you.

Put a link in your Instagram profile, including a call to action. This is the only clickable link on your Instagram profile. Tell people what you want them to do. If you have a website or blog, provide that link. If you want to sell a product, provide a link to that product page. You may also use this link to promote contests or sweepstakes.

Use the "make clickable" language. You can try the following suggestions:

  • "Subscribe to my blog"

  • "Find My Product"

  • "Get a discount here"

  • "Join the Competition"

Look at your profile picture. Is it something that makes someone want to follow you? Your profile picture should be clear and close-up. If your profile picture is blurry or small, people may not want to follow you.

Your username is also important. Make sure your username is memorable and easy to pronounce. You want people to be able to find you easily. Do not use random numbers or letters in your username.

Use high-quality photos

Post high quality photos on Instagram. Please do not post blurry or dark photos. Delight your follower with bright, clear photos. Optimize your photos using filters, but don't overdo it.

Make sure your photos are relevant to your brand. If you're a fashion blogger, post photos of your stylish outfits or accessories. If you blog about food, post memorable photos of the food you cook.

Great Captioning

Photos can be high quality, but if your captions are low, people won't want to follow you. Write captions that are interesting, fun, or thought-provoking. Ask questions in the captions to encourage participation.

Make your captions stand out using emojis and hashtags.

And most importantly, don't forget to check your grammar before posting. You don't want to have spelling or grammatical errors in your captions.

Create a clear content layout strategy

Your content strategy should consist of three parts:

  • Types of content to publish?

  • When are you going to upload this?

  • How often will you post this?

The type of content you publish should match your goals and brand. If you are a business, you can post product photos, behind-the-scenes photos, or user-generated content.

If you have a private account, you can post photos of your daily life, hobbies, interests, etc. Whatever type of content you choose to publish, make sure it's high-quality and engaging.

The best time to post on Instagram is between noon and midnight. At this time, most people take a break during lunch or checking the phone before bed.

You can also post on weekends if you want to reach a larger audience. Avoid posting too late at night or early in the morning.

Finally, decide how often to publish. If you are running an account, set a goal once a day. You can always increase or decrease the frequency of posting as you see fit.

Remember, the quality of your Instagram posts is better than the quantity. It's better to post 1 high-quality photo every day than 10 low-quality pictures at a time. Experiment with different types of content.

In my last point, I mentioned that you need to plan the type of content you want to use for your Instagram feed. However, experimentation in marketing is an important aspect of success.

In the form, you can plan the types of content your audience will enjoy. When publishing, some content is often unstable.

Don't be discouraged. The best Instagram marketers learn how to get followers on Instagram by continuing to experiment.

Here are the specific types of content to test on Instagram:

  • Live Video: Instagram Live is a way to connect with your followers in real time. You can use it to answer questions, give advice, or tell you what's going on in your life.

  • Stories: Instagram Stories are an easy and fun way to publish content that doesn't have to be perfect. You can use Instagram Stories to express your personality, talk about your life, or promote a product or service.

  • Reels: Instagram reels are short videos that you can create with sound, effects and editing tools. Perfect for showing off your creative side or promoting your brand.

  • IGTV: If you want to post longer videos, you can use IGTV. You can post videos up to an hour long. Use it to post tutorials, product reviews, or vlogs.

  • Carousel: A carousel allows you to showcase multiple products or tell a story at once. Use it to share before and after photos, product collections, or anything else you can think of.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of Instagram content. You never know what will resonate with your audience until you try it.

Create unique content

It's not enough just to use the type of content that most Instagram followers expect to see. To get more followers on Instagram, you need to stand out from the crowd. Present and future followers need to publish unique and interesting content.

One way to do this is to create a themed day or week. For example, "Classic Thursday" when posting old photos, "Food Friday" when posting photos of meals. You can also start a challenge or streak from your IG account. For example, you can host a "30-day fitness challenge" or a "100-day photo project."

Another idea is to share behind-the-scenes stories. It can be used for anything from office tours to daily life videos.

Finally, you can also use Instagram to provide followers with information about your personal life. That doesn't mean you have to share everything. However, it can give you an idea of ​​what you do in your spare time.

You can make your Instagram account more interesting and engaging by creating unique content. As a result, you will have more Instagram followers.

User Generated Content

You do not have to create all the content for your IG account yourself. You can also use the User Generated Content (UGC) feature. User-generated content is any type of content created by followers who are not you or your brand.

It can be photos and videos, reviews and ratings.

Advantages of UGC include:

  • Create new content for your Instagram account

  • Helping customers connect with potential followers

  • Build relationships with followers

  • Improve sales conversion

  • Increase brand awareness and reach

  • Duplicate your brand for potential followers

  • Increase customer retention and advocacy

If you want to use user-generated content on your Instagram account, there are a few things you can do. One option is to hold a contest or sweepstakes.

You can ask your followers to post photos with specific hashtags. You can then post your best creations to your Instagram account. Another way to get UGC is to simply request it.

You can do this by tagging relevant Instagram users in an Instagram post or story and asking them to share the content on Instagram. Use ratings and reviews like UGC.

You can post it on your website and then share it to your Instagram account. A marketing technique that helps upgrade proven word of mouth. After using search engines, customer reviews became the second most used source for purchasing decisions. Instagram users want to know that other followers like your product or service. Post these positive reviews to UGC and watch your sales grow.

Don't forget the power of video content as a resource for user-generated content. For example, millions of people use YouTube every day. If you run a contest, encourage your followers to post videos along with regular photo posts.

Case studies work just like user-generated content. Case studies allow you to go beyond the usual evaluation. A case study can detail how your product has positively impacted your customers.

Ask each customer in the case study to share a video story. Then copy the video and post it on your blog. Then share the case study link to your Instagram account along with some images of customer stories.

You can also embed Instagram posts as UGC on your website or blog. This is a great way to show what others are saying about your brand on social media. You can use the power of user-generated content to increase brand awareness, build relationships, and increase sales conversions.

Try it right now on your Instagram account.

How to Attract Followers on Instagram

The discussion of Instagram content doesn't end until we talk about the Instagram algorithm. An algorithm is a set of rules that Instagram uses to determine what content to display in its feed to users.

To get more followers on IG, it's important to understand how the algorithm works. This allows you to create content that your target audience is more likely to see in your feed. Here is a brief overview of how the Instagram algorithm works. Instagram shows you content that may be of interest to you.

Followers rely on engagement signals to determine what content they are interested in. Engagement signals include things like how often people interact with your content, how long they watch, and whether they're saved. The algorithm also takes into account the relationship between the viewer and the publisher of the content.

For example, if one of your followers repeatedly comments or likes your content, Instagram brings more content to that user's feed. The Instagram algorithm focuses on timeliness when choosing what to display in a follower's Instagram feed.

You can benefit from the algorithm by posting relevant content at a specific time of the year.

For example, you can publish Halloween-themed content in October or Christmas-themed content in December.

Algorithms are constantly changing. To keep your entire social media marketing strategy up to date, take the time to review changes periodically.

Hashtag Strategic Plan

Although it is important to consider the above for the Instagram algorithm, a solid hashtag strategy cannot be ignored when you want to know how to get followers on Instagram.

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get your content to a wider audience.

When you use a hashtag, your content will appear in the feed of users who follow that hashtag. For example, if you have a travel blog and use the #travel hashtag, your content will appear in the feed of people who follow that hashtag.

You can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post. But don't just use existing hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant and popular with your target audience.

You can find common hashtags using tools such as a hashtag generator. Copy one of the Instagram URLs into the tool. The hashtag generator displays a list of related hashtags.

You can also find popular hashtags by searching for posts from Instagram accounts similar to yours. If you run a travel blog, you can see what hashtags are used by looking at other travel bloggers' blog posts.

Finally, you can use Instagram's Discover page to find popular hashtags. Just click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. Instagram will then redirect you to the overview page. You will see a list of common hashtags that you can use in your article.

By using relevant and popular hashtags, you can show your content to more people and increase your chances of gaining new followers.

Where do hashtags go? Captions or comments?

You may be wondering where to put your hashtags. Should I include it in the first caption or comment of a post? The answer is both!

Captions should always include relevant hashtags. So your content will appear in the feeds of users who follow these hashtags.

However, you must also add the hashtag to the first comment of the post. This is because Instagram limits the number of characters in a caption. Including too many hashtags in your captions can make your content look spam.

By including hashtags in your captions and others in the first comment of your post, you can benefit from using hashtags that don't look like spammers.

Using hashtags in Instagram Stories

Hashtags aren't just for regular Instagram posts. You can also use it on Instagram Stories.

To do this, create a new story and click on the hashtag sticker. Then enter the appropriate hashtag. Your story will appear in the feeds of people following this hashtag.

Brand hashtags on Instagram

Along with using generic hashtags, you should also create branded hashtags for your business. Brand hashtags are specific hashtags associated with your brand. It could be your company name, slogan, or anything else related to your business.

Clothing brand Nike, for example, has the hashtag #JustDoIt.

This IG marketing approach makes it easier for people to find your content. And the more people see your content, the more chances you have of getting new followers.

To create a brand hashtag, select the relevant term and prefix it with a "#" sign. Then use this hashtag in your posts and encourage your followers to use them.

If you want to encourage followers to share your brand hashtags, you can run a hashtag contest.

Hashtag contests ask followers to share photos with brand hashtags. Then we choose a winner and give him a prize.

Not only does this help increase brand awareness, it also helps more people use hashtags to promote your brand. Use geotagging to increase local searches

Use Geotags

If you have a physical location, you can use geotagging to attract IG followers.

Geotag tags are geographic tags that can be added to posts. When you geotag a post, it will appear on a map in the Instagram app. People who view your map can see your posts and learn more about your business.

To geotag your post, simply click on the "Add Location" sticker before sending. Then find your business location and select it from the list.

How to get more followers on Instagram by collaborating with others

If your goal is to learn how to get followers on Instagram, you should work with other IG entrepreneurs.

Working with influencers

One way to do this is to work with an influencer. An influencer is someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram (or on other social networks).

When you partner with an influencer, they promote your brand to their followers. This can help you get followers on Instagram as followers follow you after they see your content on the influencer's Insta account.

To find influencers to work with, you can use tools like BuzzSumo. Enter relevant keywords (such as "fashion" or "travel") and those keywords will display a list of popular influencers in that niche.

You can also search for relevant hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you are selling jewellery, you can search for the hashtag #jewellery. Then take a look at the accounts of the Instagram users who used this hashtag and see if they are influencers.

Use Google to find relevant influencers. Enter a keyword into Google (eg "health influencer") and you'll see a list of popular influencers in that niche.

Sponsored posts and product reviews can also be used as another form of influencer marketing.

Sponsored posts are posts that promote your business. It can be in the form of photos, videos, or regular Instagram posts. Product reviews happen when someone promotes your product on their Instagram account and gives you candid opinions about it.

Research social media influencers using the ideas provided above to find potential posts and reviews for sponsored products. Users who promote similar products or services find many users.

Contact them to see if they would like to work with you.

Get more followers on Instagram with Shoutouts.

Shoutouts have become more popular in recent years as a form of influencer marketing.

This occurs when a user promotes another user's content through a story or post. To say thank you, simply share someone else's photo or video on your account and include the username @ in the caption.

Then your partner will do the same for you.

Different types of shoutouts:

Instagram lets you create different types of hits.

Stories Rating: A thank-you story is when you share someone else's content in an Instagram story. Go to your profile and click the "Share" button. Then select Share as Story.

Post Shoutouts: Use this type of thank you note when you agree to share your partner's content on your Instagram feed. Click the Share button on your profile. Then choose Copy Link. Then paste the link in the title and include the username @.

Reels Shoutouts: Use the credits section of Stories to share short videos from other influencers with your Stories. Click the "Share" button in your profile. Then select "Share as Video".

Live Shoutouts: Live mentions of partners during an Instagram live stream. Mention their username @ when you are live.

Of course, your influencer will do the same to you on your IG profile. When collaborating with other users, make sure your efforts benefit both parties.

For example, if an influencer has a lot of Instagram followers, and you don't, it doesn't make sense to promote to only a small number of potential customers. In this case, see where you can help your partner.

You may agree to share your product sales in exchange for access to a large IG audience. Or you can promote it elsewhere.

For example, do you have a large mailing list? If so, please agree to send your subscribers an email containing the promotion to our partners. It's also important to make sure your target audience only partners with users similar to you.

For example, if you're selling women's clothing, it doesn't make sense to partner with an influencer who only promotes men's products.

Research users before agreeing to collaborate. Check their profiles and content to make sure they match your brand.

Collaborate with brand ambassadors

Another way to get followers on Instagram is by working with brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a product or service on social media.

To find potential brand ambassadors, start by researching your current customers and followers. These are people who already know your business and love what you do.

Then contact them to see if they want to become brand ambassadors. They can give you a commission for every sale they make. If you don't have existing customers or followers, you can search for potential brand ambassadors on social media. Find users who promoted similar products or services.

Contact them to see if they would like to work with you.

How to increase Instagram followers with Instagram ads

You can use Instagram ads to attract followers on Instagram.

Ads allow you to target and show ads to specific groups of people. To create an ad on Instagram, go to your business profile and click the Promote button. Then select “Create Ad”.

Now you need to select your ad target.

For example, if you want people to follow your account, you should select the "Get more followers" goal. Once you've chosen your goal, you need to create an ad. After adding text and images, you need to select your target audience.

Finally, you need to set a budget and choose how long you want your ads to run.

When ad creation is complete, Instagram reviews the ad. Once your ad has passed the verification process, it will begin to appear on social media platforms.

After that, your ads will start showing and you can see the results in a few days.

Instagram Advertising Best Practices

There are a few guidelines to follow when creating Instagram ads.

Use high-quality images. Ads should be visually appealing and set them apart from the rest of Instagram content.

Keep it short and to the point.

People on Instagram scroll quickly and don't read long ads. Use a call-to-action. Let people know what you want them to do, like "follow" or "buy now."

Target your audience carefully. Be sure to target your ads to the right people.

Test different versions of your ad.

Try different images and text to see what works best for you. Track your results. Track your ad statistics to see how your ads are performing.

When creating marketing materials, don't forget user-generated content.

For example, you can replace customer photos with ads or use video ratings in one of your Instagram ads.

More Ideas to Get More Instagram Followers

If you want to know how to get Instagram followers from your IG account, let's take a look at another way.

Interact with your audience

When you comment and like other people's photos, they're more likely to do the same to you. When a follower asks a question, take the time to answer it. This will show your audience that you are involved and are interested in what they have to say.

Cross-promotion of content from other channels

If you have other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, you should promote your Instagram account on those channels. You can also include your email and a link to your Instagram profile on your website.

Attract followers in loyalty programs

If you have a loyalty program, you can use it to get followers on Instagram.

For example, you can offer discounts to customers who follow you on Instagram. Alternatively, you can give away a prize to one lucky person each month.

Use a call to action (CTA)

Use calls to action in Instagram posts and stories. For example, you could say "double tap if you agree" or "tag a friend to see this".

Call to actions help increase engagement with your posts.

Results analysis

As you start using some of these methods to get more followers on Instagram, it's important to track the results.

By analyzing the results, you can see which methods work and which do not. This will help you focus your Instagram marketing strategy on how to get the most Instagram followers over time.

Here are some specific things to track and analyze on your Instagram account:

  • Number of followers

  • Number of posts

  • Engagement Rate (Likes, Comments, Reposts)

  • Hashtags

  • Filters used

Use Instagram Marketing Tools

There are many Instagram marketing and analytics tools that can help you get new followers on Instagram.

Canva: Canva is a tool to create high-quality images for your Instagram stories.

Hootsuite Insights: This tool allows you to monitor and analyze your Instagram account.

Iconosquare: This tool allows you to schedule Instagram posts.

Layout: Use the Instagram Collage app to create unique and eye-catching images for your feed.

Instasize: Instasize allows you to resize, filter and edit your videos and photos.


There are several ways to get new followers on Instagram.

If you use a combination of methods, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of followers.

Remember to be patient and consistent.

Get the Instagram followers you've always dreamed of.

One final way to get new Instagram followers is through

Let us help you safely and organically generate more likes, views and followers on Instagram.

See the FAQ for more details.

If you have specific questions about how to increase your follower count, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about how to get more followers on Instagram.